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April 02, 2006



I saw Scrappy Judd Newcomb perform at a house party in SE Austin. A friend donated a Bass Ale to me at said party. I think I'm the official moocher of my social group now. I also - dare I admit it - signed the Kinky petition, there. This was Friday. I spent most of Saturday watching the Gilmore Girls, Season 2 DVDs and craving beef as a result. They tend to eat a lot of hamburgers and steak on the show. I think the beef industry must be a sponsor. Today was spent in a disoriented state culminating in a 7:00 pm realization that daylight saving time had taken place.


Oh Bingsy, the Gillmore Girls? If you keep watching shows on the WB, they are only going to be encouraged to make more.


I feel I'm somehow vindicated because I don't watch them through traditional television broadcast but by DVD rental. Is this wrong? The show definitely has it's problems, but it's the kind of thing that once you start watching it is almost impossible to stop. I was suckered by the fact that almost every female over 20 that I know listed it as their top 5 TV shows. Six Feet Under season 5 is on DVD, so I will likely be using my DVD viewing time to watch it instead. I don't have my television hooked up - haven't since cancelling cable. I just need to go to the electronics store to get a pair of rabbit ears, but I'm soooo lazy.


As long as it is through Netflix, I guess it is ok. :-)


Even better: locally owned Vulcan Video who has a 2 for 1 every Tuesday and Wednesday. It comes out to $1.25 per DVD - which isn't bad.

Right of Texas

Good weekend..watched goodnight and goodluck...

a BAD movie.

texxas red

Never grow up. Never buy a house. Never plant grass. Never plant shrubs. Never plant a garden. Never build a fence. Sci Fi channel rocks.


I happened to have watch Good Night, and Good Luck this weekend also.

I wasn't entirely happy with it, but I thought they got the story across. The real problem is that it wasn't much of a story. No love interest or real plot. It was more a dramatic documentary than a good story or film.

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