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March 08, 2006


Bobby C

I read Lucy Lee was offering her services?
Where do I find the ad

Bobby C

I read Lucy Lee was offering her services?
Where do I find the ad


I wish to you meet you in a safe environment for you. I believe the connnecton is something to be explored in the vein of truth of existence. Not to get too existential but to acknowledge your talent in connecting with and nourishing people in their own right (whatever that may be) - I hope (probably here hopelessly) to meet you wherever in the world you may be (I have the means) to learn about your story that which is most important to you and those of whom you encounter as important to your own growth and pursuit of self realization. By the way, I have very little expectation this note will get to you, but if it does, I think your work is stunning and makes possible a captive audience. In the course of such aim I am willing (bases on what I have seen) to support your momentum finciancially (not that I am assuming you don't have a your own access to capital). While I have had the pleasure of meeting A list porn stars I have never seen someone such as you whom captures the essence of guiltless pleasure of being a human being...which is an art not yet recognized by the masses...and perhaps should not (nontheless still makes great business sense, considering the unavoidable audience willing to pay to see you truth in your work, and with that aim I would be honored by your presence in a safe environement (not at all a sex addict, in fact, the inverse) whereupond you feel comfortable meeting someone who happens to be particularly talented in building relationships and supportive of your art (because I believe it is truthful). Sorry for the long winded message. Please contact me at dion_kauffman@yahoo.com


By the way...if this does get to you...I am well aware of my misspellings...just so know that I am not a nut, but an individual who recognizes talent and who's whish is to nurture people in their own right of passage.


What the fuck are you on about Fred?

You know this isn't Lucy Lee's page right?

And if it it's this political observer guy that owns this blog, that you're obsessed with, then wtf?

Either way, WTF? :P


Actually Fred, here.. let me give you some tips.

Never say "I'm not a nut".

If you feel the need to really hammer in the fact that you're not a nut, it's because YOU feel there might be a risk of someone mistaking you for a nut.

Instead, try not to BE or act LIKE a nut.

Oh and YES, you are obsessed with her.
I like the american heritage defenition.

Again, you felt the need to point out alot of things that you are or are not. Why? Did you feel the risk there would be some confusion?
Try acting like it instead of trying to convince someone of it with words.

I'm no psychologist, and I'm pretty sure you're not a nut, since real nut's don't bother arguing that they're not nuts. They'll just eat your liver.

I just felt your post was abit freaky to throw at someone you never met. Especially in a dog:ish subservient tone. *shivers*


Oh and for 1600$ you can fuck her brains out :)

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