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March 31, 2006


Vince Leibowitz

It's not your stupidity; it's the propriety (sp) of Typepad and every other blogging software. I secretly think they want to make this difficult so you have to keep using their platform.

Right of Texas

Keep typepad.

It's what..5 bucks?


I've already spent the money for a year's worth of Web hosting, and mama didn't raise no money waster. I would have to upgrade Typepad to do domain mapping, which would be $10 a month or so.

Vince offered a solution I think is pretty good and I'm going to keep moving forward.

Eric Scalf

Nate, can you upload a .htaccess file to your typepad account? If so, you could probably do a 301 redirect. Wouldn't help the permalinks, as they would just redirect to the main blog, but it's a start.

Alternatively, you can do what many blogger->WP people do, and edit all the posts on your typepad to indicate they've moved, and provide a link to the new blog. *shrug*

What was Vince's suggestion? I'm trying to figure new and interesting ways to move from other systems to WP.


It was basically to have links on the new blog to each monthly archive page and make the new site Google searchable. Absolutely no importing of files.

Once the move is done, this Typepad blog wil be edited in such a manner that only a message saying that we've moved and the original post will be left.

Shaun Melton

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