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October 31, 2005


Sideshow Bob

I think you confuse a reason for voting for him with campaign sloganeering. Kinky has supporteres because he DOES remind people why this is such a great state, he cares deeply for the state and wants to change it for the better without having any personal political aspirations outside of making Texas a better place.


But how does he plan to change it for the better? I've read nothing but wiseass quips from the guy, and even his friends acknolwedge this. The man knew nothing about tuition deregulation, an issue that nearly every student- and their families- who attends public university in this state knows a great deal about.

Why is Kinky so willing to hang out with the 'cool kids' like Willie and The Body, but so out of touch with average voters?


I voted in the Ventura/Coleman/Humphrey election the day before I moved to Austin from Minneapolis. Ventura won because he was the only candidate to give real answers during the debates. A person that doesn't sound or act like a politician up there can go far - or used to. I don't think Ventura would be elected today. I don't think they're ever going to let third party candidates into the debates again, and the media will NOT give any attention or mention of them.

I am definitely NOT saying Ventura was a better governor than Humphrey would have been. We'll never know. The one thing I did hear about Ventura was that he was considering all legislation in earnest. He didn't have the experience, so he had no knee jerk responses. Was this good or did it cost the Minnesotans? I have no friggin' clue. I don't think Kinky would be worse than Perry, but the question I guess is would he be worse than the Democratic puppet head.


I have a lot of faith in Chris Bell. I'm not one of the Houston area Democrats that have followed him for years. I've really only known him since this Spring.

In that time, he has impressed me and I'm sticking with him.

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