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September 18, 2005


Red Tory

Another so-called "fiscal conservative" who's been asleep at the wheel for the past five years. Gee, I wonder whatever could have roused them from their long, blissful slumber? Could it be that the enormous appropriations are going to poor/black folks in the South? Creatures like Sessions are utterly disgusting.


I wouldn't bet on any of those victims owing the estate tax. The combination of having enough wealth to owe the tax and being unable to get out creates a very small subset.

Don't let this story die. Just as the University of Iowa professor who tried and failed to find ONE case of a family farm sold to pay the estate tax, Sessions probably won't find anybody.

That's how screwed up the exemption is. It applies to almost nobody, and those it applies to (whether the person who died or the heirs) obviously can afford to give something back to the society that permitted their accumulation of great wealth.

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