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August 31, 2005


damn yankee

Looks like a hurricane to me too. So what's next... a plague that will strike down anyone who isn't a "neocon fundamentalist christian." Gimme a break. These people are totally fucked up. Just like you said its just proof that they'll use anything to promote their agenda. Since their such pro-lifers maybe they need to concentrate on the lives hanging in the balance in the Gulf Coast.


I don't know if you watch the Daily Show, but Jon Stewart addressed this (jokingly). I assumed that he was joking when he compared the hurricane to a fetus, and i can't quite get over the fact that people are actually seeing this as a sign.
There's another claim from some Christians that it was God's sign of disapproval of the gay pride march that was supposed to take place in the French Quarter. ironically, the French Quarter was one of the areas affected least by the hurricane. oh, those fundamentalist Christians got their facts wrong again. silly kids.

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