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August 29, 2005



The problem is that you assume the media, or consumers of the media, desire a columnist who writes somewhat sanely. Unfortunately, I would argue that neither the consumer nor the manufacturers want that. Insane columnists (both sides) attract readers simply because they are polarizing. Note the popularity of Bill O'Reilly, Anne Coulter, Michael Moore, and Al Franken. They are all sensationalists who are insanely talented at creating controversy, but not much else.
It would be nice to have some voices of sanity out there in media-land. Bill Moyers has gone bye-bye, Ted Koppel is saying adios, Dan Rather has left in shame, Tom Brokaw is on a self-imposed hiatus, and Peter Jennings has passed on. All we have left is Jon Stewart.


Hey, we found something else to agree on.

Ann Coulter has some momentary flashes of brilliance (most everybody does)...but on the whole, she's shrill and too emotional for me to deal with. She's Arianna with a Republican spin....(wait, didn't Arianna have that once too?)

Tee hee.

See you on the high ground.



Ann Coulter lost her grip on reality a while back. The Arizona Daily Star is a bit slow if you ask me. The country was given a big clue when she was dropped as commentator for the Democratic Convention by USA today.


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