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July 28, 2005



Is he going to have competition, because I fully intend to vote in the Republican primary if not?

I kind of think I will do anything to get Perry out of there. I would love it if fate intervened, and his fall was humiliating and entertaining to his foes - but that's just a dream. For now, I just want him out, even if it means voting against him in the primary.

This leads me to my second question. If Strayhorn gets the nomination, what would Chris' chances be? Then I would feel guilty voting for Strayhorn in the primary.


There are rumors that John Sharp will make a bid, too. I'm sure they will start coming out of the woodwork now that Chris has announced.

If Strayhorn gets the nomination, I believe that Chris' chances are low. I think part of the Democratic strategy involves getting disgruntled moderate Republicans to switch votes in order to get rid of Perry in the general.

I take a dim view of voting in another party's primary. If you really want to get rid of Rick Perry, spend some time talking with people in your area about where Chris stands on the issues. Tell them about his views on education. Go door to door in the next neighborhood. Give as much money to his campaign as you can.

That's how you change who is sitting in the governor's mansion.


I see your point about it not being cool to vote in the other party's primary, but I don't think it's as bad when you are voting on the stronger candidate for them. It's more of a problem when you vote to give them a weaker candidate. That's not cool.

I believe Strayhorn is a better candidate for them, but I will likely vote in the Democratic Primary now. There are sometimes other races to vote for, etc, and I will want to vote for Chris if there is serious competition. I apologize assuming that there would not be any viable candidates on the Dems side. It was like that the last time we voted on a governor. I agree that John Sharp would be serious competition, but I just don't see John Sharp winning the actual election.


I don't see Sharp winning an election either.

In an ideal world, we would vote for a person and not against them. I'm voting for Chris because I think he is the best person for the job.

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