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July 31, 2005



I was living in Brooklyn during Hillary's first campaign. NYC liberals were never thrilled about her running, but we voted for her anyway. For me it was all about her being better than the alternative. Lazio was nothing more than a Republican hack who had no valid reasons for running other than that his last name wasn't Clinton. She did really well with moderates and even conservatives upstate though. They loved her, and still do.

There's a great book about her campaign and election, Hillary's Turn by Michael Tomasky. He does a great job covering the phenomenon that is Hillary. IMO it's a must read for liberal and moderate democrats alike. Much as I want a President Boxer or Spitzer, HRC may be the magic candidate we've been looking for.

damn yankee

Nate-- do you really think a woman can become President?? Considering where we live, the south. How many rednecks does it take for a woman to become president? Also the way the last two presidential elections have gone. I have my doubts. I'm not really that excited about HRC on the democratic ticket either, but I'm definately not excited about another 4 years of a republican administration either. Enlighten me....please.....


I don't see why a woman can't win the presidency. If one can, Hillary would be that one. She's got high name ID and the ability to raise gobs of money. And she has the added benefit of having lived in the White House 8 years already.

I keep telling people, we don't need southern votes to win. I'm more concerned with our performance in Ohio and how close Pennsylvania was. We can win by winning Ohio and the industrial midwest and/or the southwest. The Republicans have pretty much given up the northeast and the west coast, they're only refuge is the south and the midwest if we can start picking up steam in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada.

Hillary might be the best chance of winning for the Democratic party.

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