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July 27, 2005


damn yankee

Nebraska's tax dollars hard at work. I think we should send Burning a copy of Coal Miner's Daughter. You know I could go into a big speech about this crap, but I'll spare you. Maybe Burning needs to move to Utah where his efforts to save young girls from pedophiles would be put to better use.

damn yankee

Update on future bonified pedophiles who hide under the guise of some bullshit religion and they're right in our own backyard. See, Austin Chronicle article "Meet the New Neighbors (7/28/05)." This proves that if you have enough money you can buy your own town, make your own rules, and have the state support your upteengazillion inbred gotch-eyed kids. Good grief I'm on a rampage now....


Hi, I found your blog while googling for somebody, anybody, who saw the same point to this story that I did: Nebraska can't go running all over what's a legal marriage next door in Kansas. Nebraska's minimum age is 17; does the AG plan to comb the records for other resident pederasts who recently crossed the state line to marry a pregnant 16- or 15-year-old? Or heck, it doesn't have to be recent--what's the statute of limitations on this?

And: as the mother of a 13-year-old girl, I've met lots of them who hardly qualify as children. I've also met some 22-year-old "men" who do. I realize this is not a popular view.

Thank you. I enjoyed my visit.


I'm less concerned about the moral question here, because I think most of us share the view that a guy my age should not be having sex with a girl in junior high. The legal question is whether you can reasonably expect married couples to not consumate their marriage?

The question of sexual assault before the marriage is still open-ended, but the fact that the girl's mother consented to marriage instead of pressing charges should probably be taken into consideration.

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